The factory within the factory.

Every product arises from an idea, and every idea arises from a demand.

An all-Italian profession.

Top quality, Italian-made, high-precision mechanical components for the eyewear industry.

A specialised technology hub

Continuous investments in the in-house manufacturing of moulds and equipment.

Custom Products

One of our greatest strengths is out ability to develop any custom product using any type of material, including titanium. We provide detailed designs, accompanied by feasibility analyses and prototypes, after which we move on to the industrialisation phase, even using dedicated machinery.

Innovation & Technology

We have an entire R&D department at our disposal, where tailor-made projects are developed, and new technological solutions are conceived.

Made in Italy Quality

The entire production cycle takes place at our facilities in Quero Vas (Belluno – Italy), where the products and services are subject to constant quality controls.

Flexibility & Feasibility

Offers for new products in just 6 hours. Loading of orders and confirmations in less than 12 hours. Industrialisation of new products in just 5 days. Time to market, 2 weeks.

Design, industrialisation and production.

The construction phases and the heat treatments are all carried out and monitored directly in-house.

Standard Products

The catalogue features a wide range of solutions designed to meet various technical and aesthetic requirements in terms of performance, functionality, shapes, dimensions, angles and tolerances. The range is completed with a large assortment of vintage products with a subtle retro design.


Quality Management System Certificate


Compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standards.

Quality as an operating standard.

Thanks to the meticulousness of the design phase, the choice of materials, the precision industrialisation process, and the rigorous inspections, our products are of unsurpassed quality.


This test subjects the temples and mechanisms to conditions designed to simulate the harshest eyewear usage conditions.


All the joint assemblies are capable of withstanding tensile stresses greater than 25kgf.


Our mechanisms are tested to withstand over 50,000 complete cycles unscathed.


Our solutions are subjected to combined extra flexion, lateral flexion and rotation tests in order to ensure maximum reliability.


Our Customers.

We provide top quality, Italian-made, high-precision mechanical components for the eyewear industry, to customers all around the world.